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Multiple files are allowed. Maximum upload file size: 10Mb

Terms and Conditions:-      
1    Returns will be processed only after receipt of Professional Fees.
2    Professional Fees of Filing Returns will be as discussed with your organization.
3    Please do not give us a time limit to file returns. We’ll process it within an appropriate time.
4    Consulting other than return filing may be chargeable as per subject matter.
5    Send us your payment confirmation snapshot on  if you’re paying us online.
6    Provide a filing password if it is available, otherwise we’ll reset.
7    Professional Invoice will be raised on Demand of the client.

Additional instructions For returns under the Bulk Income Tax Return Filing Facility        

1    This utility is only for the purpose of ITR 1 and 2
2    Assessee having Capital Gains on immovable property will not be allowed to use such functionality
3    Assessee having Business and Profession is not permitted