Brief Introduction

  • Owned, Managed, and Controlled by one person
  • It is mostly used by small businesses and operating in unrecognized sectors.
  • Very easy and fastest way to start a business with a lesser compliance requirement.
  • It is not a separate legal entity, hence it doesn’t enjoy the benefits of independent existence, limited liability and separate legal entity.
  • There is no rule or structure to get registered Proprietorship Firm unlike Company, LLP, etc..

Benefits of a Proprietorship Firm

  • Minimum tax exemption limit of Income Tax Department can be enjoyed.
  • Income Tax is applicable to slab rate and not on flat rate.
  • It is one of the easiest form of business to incorporate and manage.
  • No Statutory Audit Report of accounts is required to be submitted with RoC
  • It can have any name except the name registered with Intellectual Property authorities.
  • There is no requirement of filing any annual return of its operations during the year unlike Company, LLP

Now, easily start Your

Proprietorship Firm in just

Rs. 4,499/-

(All inclusive and no other hidden charges)

In above fees, We Offer:

Obtaining Gumasta Licence and Professional Tax Registration (Ahmedabad, Vadodara)
P.A.N. of Firm